Dr. Iacopo Cioffi

Dr. Cioffi is a certified orthodontist specialized in the treatment of malocclusions of kids and adults with conventional and ceramic braces, lingual appliances (braces on the inner sides of the teeth), and Invisalign. He is also an internationally recognized expert in temporomandibular disorders (TMD), a painful disorder of the jaw muscles and jaw joints.

Dr. Cioffi received his dental and specialty training, and his PhD at the University of Naples Federico II (Italy) and completed the Dental Specialty Assessment and Training Program (Orthodontics) at the University of Toronto. He was also trained at the Research Lab for Masticatory Disorders at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, and the Department of Functional Anatomy at ACTA (Amsterdam, the Netherlands).

Dr. Cioffi has published >50 research papers on the topics of orthodontics and TMD in highly qualified scientific journals. He also teaches TMD and orthodontics at the University of Toronto. He is a member of the E.H. Angle East Society of Orthodontists, the European Orthodontic Society, the American Association of Orthodontists, the International Association for The Study of Pain, the Canadian Pain Society, and the International Association for Dental Research.

When not at work, Dr. Cioffi enjoys gardening, exploring the city with his two daughters…and playing videogames!